Having grown up by the ocean in a Latin family both the role of our natural environment and feminine traditions have been constant threads in my work.   Using mixed media video installation and photography, I engage the viewer by deconstructing familiar human conditions that cause him/her to rethink their perception of that reality.   Whether through our relationship to nature or the female dilemma, my work is a multi-layering of visual and audio elements that take a closer look at our social environment.


Rhonda began her career at Miramax Films and went on to edit for independent films and television in New York.   Her work has broadcast on Showtime, PBS, Oxygen and IFP Channel.  In Miami she worked with MTV Networks Latin America and founded a socially conscious film festival called the Florida Room Documentary Film Festival.  Rhonda made her first documentary, Cuba Mia, (MIFF) and the film later aired on PBS. In 2002, Rhonda began to explore video art as digital technology became more accessible and allowed her to shoot and edit her work in different formats. Rhonda focuses on telling socially conscious and inspiring visual stories as both a video artist and as a filmmaker.  More recently, Rhonda founded The Screening Room, a space for video artists and filmmakers to share or exhibit their work.  She currently lives in Miami with her husband and two children.